Biography of Paul Allen

December 18, 2012
Everyone has heard a lot about Bill Gates, his achievements, and the fortunes he's made. However, he is not the sole founder of Microsoft. You may have heard the name Paul Allen, but chances are you don't know much about him. Nevertheless, it was when Allen teamed up with Gates that Microsoft was created.

IT Certifications Comparison

December 18, 2012
The sheer number of IT certifications available can pose a series of confusing, time-consuming, and potentially expensive decisions. Unfortunately, the first steps towards success in the technology industry are 1) evaluating your options and 2) determining which certification is right for you. IT, like any other field, offers a wide range of positions that vary in requirements, prerequisites, and duties. Before delving into the vast, confusing world of certifications, you should determine which areas of IT interest you the most.